Conflict Resolution Centers, CRC, is a specialized firm in organizational conflict designed to help companies achieve their bottom line: high productivity, low turnover, and high cost savings. Conflicts can result in hefty lawsuits, low morale, productivity, and high turnovers. Conflicts can occur in any organization, specifically those that are experiencing change, reorgs, and crisis.

Our niche: establishing new norms and stability at times of reorgs, crisis, and change!

To achieve our results, we assess an organization’s current state of health through our social science methodologies, specifically cognitive behavior, customized to each environment.  In today’s fast paced enviornment, every organization, in all industries is faced with high levels of stress, tension, and frustrations. Behaviors of employees are impacted accordingly. Shifting the mindset to ensure productivity and turnover are not impacted is crucial, especially at a time of crisis.

Our success in helping organizations re-establish a healthy workforce is through intense cultural assessments of systemic trends, patterns and existing behaviors. Our work does not stop with just feedback assessments, but rather, with the application of our methodologies to improve workplace conflict and ultimately shifting the mindset!

Our Client Success: establishing stability with a solution framework of a bottom up approach to establish a new norm so as to help the workforce navigate crisis via Crisis Management; sustaining adaptability through a science based approach at times of reorgs and change via Successful Human Interactions & Conflict Management; and simultaneously developing today’s leadership and executive management, future leaders and technical experts through one-on-one Personal Mastery & Executive Coaching, resulting in a long term healthy organizational culture.

Continuous science based training and literature, dialogue, and application of customized conflict management techniques are a few specific methodologies that we have customized and applied to achieve our results in improving workplace conflict and stability in organizational culture.

Our client success: clients have saved over $28 million dollars in their first year through our services, with a reduction in labor lawsuits and formal complaints by over 85%; raising morale by over 90%. Our clients include federal government agencies, schools, universities, and global non-profit organizations.