A Conversation with Bina…

So what made you want to open up La Vida?

Well, as I am getting started, I am a nervous wreck, hoping to establish a small clientele to maintain at least a part-time practice. I chose the name La Vida, originally a Spanish term that translates to “Life,” because it represents my passion to live and breathe life back into individuals who are trying to overcome conflict.

So why did I open up?  Honestly, I just had come from working over ten years from the private and public sectors, seeing people getting bullied and mistreated. As an outlet, I began to volunteer with non-profits training the trainers to teach conflict resolution strategies globally, specifically women and children who needed to find their own voice.   in multiple entities, including schools I realized that my passion in life is to breathe life into all children and families who experience bullying and conflict. During my day job, I have met amazing people who have taught me invaluable skills. They have also encouraged me to help the children, schools, and community members deal with conflict, concerns, and bullying. I continue to hear that time after time families’ frustrations at not having options for private conflict resolution services that is closer to home.  While Charlottesville isn’t too far from me, when driving children and multiple siblings there and back, often after a long day of work and school, it makes for an exhausting day.  I decided to set up practice at a central point between both Greene County and Albermarle Counties.

What do you enjoy about Conflict Resolution?


I really enjoy working with children and adults and I have a lot of fun! Conflict resolution is not scary and I teach all my clients who look forward to coming to see me that learning to embrace conflict makes it fun! Resolving conflict comes naturally to me, and I found myself falling in love with the subject matter when I began pursuing my doctoral degree. I find Conflict Resolution to be fun, fulfilling and satisfying. My desire to really want to help out all individuals and kids began with the frustration I had felt working in organizations and schools whenever I had to see families, children, and individuals struggle with just coming to terms with the conflict itself and not knowing what to do.  It was from this moment on that I decided to reach out to the local communities to provide conflict resolution services and open the doors to La Vida!

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time?! No, but seriously I am one busy lady.  I have a wonderful family consisting of an extended family. I love to workout, teach, visit the beach, binge watch Netflix and to eat…pretty much anything. I also love college football! I am a huge Florida Gators fan and former alumni! I also like to hike and be outside in the sun whenever possible, which is never as often as I would like these days!  To relax, I love to sit down with a good book, even better if on my pink!

Despite the busy and sometimes hectic life I lead, it all makes it worthwhile when a parents and individuals tell me to say that they can’t wait to go to “Bina” today so that she can help us get through our issues, “Bina is amazing.”  Perhaps this explains best why  La Vida is so special to me.  After all is said and done at the end of the day, it’s the meaningful relationships and life-changing contributions to people’s lives that matters most.

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. I love the movie and it brings me comfort in many ways!

What is your favorite TV show?

TV show? I don’t know how much TV time I have these days, but I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones. I watch it after the season is released so that when I do have time and know that I am not tired enough to fall asleep within the first five minutes, I will knock it out in one weekend!

Are you seriously a nerd?


Oh yes…and SO proud of it! I graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2014 with a Doctorate in Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping Analysis. I have worked in a variety of settings for over multiple years, spanning all ages. Also, I have extensive training and experience with children, teenagers, and adults with cognitive behavioral issues.

Today, I proudly consult in conflict management to organizations, businesses, schools, and local communities on topics ranging from bullying in the workplace, at home, and in schools to organizational conflict.

Additionally, I graduated with a Master’s in International Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in 2007. In 2004, I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from the University of Florida.

I have published extensively in journals, articles, and books. My latest book, Depicting Female Suicide Bombers: Understanding the Radicalization Process is now available on Amazon.com.