La Vida works continuously with the community, including women, children, ethnic groups, and organizations to teach anti-bullying techniques to combat bullying as it happens, when it happens. I coach my clients to confront bullying with diplomacy. I work with the “bully” or “aggressor” and victims, helping both parties understand the dynamics of the issue that led up to an individual bullying another individual.

Bullying is a form of unwarned aggressive behavior committed by an individual(s) who feel superior over another individual(s). Bullying includes making threats, physically or verbally harming another individual (s), spreading rumors, malicious gossip, or excluding an individual(s) from a group(s).

Bullying can occur in any environment, including, schools, social media, workplace, family, and in social settings.  I specialize in working with children, teenagers, and adults by coaching “bullies” or “aggressors” on how to manage their anger by talking through their behavior, focusing on anti-bullying techniques to dissipate this behavior.  I help the victims with understanding how to overcome and cope with the impact of bullying. 

La Vida has found that bullying occurs in marriages as well. Spousal bullying is prevalent in marriages where one spouse acts in an aggressive manner to their spouse. I specialize through couples coaching and family mediation to help resolve the conflict.

I have coined the term  ©cultural bullying. Cultural bullying occurs when the norms and values of a culture allows aggressive behavior to take place against an individual or groups of individuals.